TTFN, Ta-Ta for Now!

Over the last week, we’ve had to make a tough choice here at the Cabbage. We’ve been running this site and posting to it weekly for over two years. Two years! Creating a blog like this was a dream of mine for years before I met James, so I can’t thank him enough for helping make this dream a reality. 

However, recently, coming up with new recipes for the blog has felt more like an obligation than a source of joy. Between jobs, a dissertation, a dog, house renovation, and lots of other plans and goals, the Cabbage is feeling like less of a priority right now. So, all of that’s to say that we are officially on hiatus. The site will, of course, remain up. After all, we use it all the time for referring to and cooking from our own recipes! And we would love to start posting regularly again when things are a bit more under control. But for now, it’s time for a break. 

We never really expected this site to be seen and read by anyone other than our respective parents. So we were pretty shocked when we would hear that acquaintances had enjoyed a post or when we would read a comment from a reader we didn’t know. This is an ideal opportunity to thank all of you for reading and adventuring with us! We have had so much fun and have learned so much over the last two years.